Frequently Asked Questions

How do we book you?

I try to make it easy to get ahold of me for booking. You can contact me through my contact page, emailing me, Facebook message, or even a phone call (All contact info is found on my contact page). I like to talk/message with my potential clients to find out what you are looking for in a photo session and photographer. If it is a good fit and I’m open on the date you wish, a small deposit is paid to reserve your date and then the fun begins!

Where will the photos be taken?

I am known as an on-site/on-location photographer. This means the world is my studio. I use the natural light to provide you with great pictures. I allow my clients to pick the location/venue that they would like to have for the background of their pictures. Most times it will be at a park or landmark but I have done sessions in backyards, libraries, even off the side of the road. If you saw this really cool location that you think will make for awesome pictures, or a park that you had your first date at; lets do it there! If you do not have a location in mind I can provide some examples based upon the venue/location area you are looking for.

What should I/we wear?

A quick google or Pinterest search will provide you with tons of options, but sometimes an overload of information. A couple of helps I give my clients is be yourself. Wear something that is you and not that traditional photo. I had a couple who loved a certain football team and so we did a session with their team jerseys one and it looked great. Don’t be scared to be unique and yourself. Knowing the location helps. If we are doing a park with lots of green fields, the color green should not be that prominent in your color scheme. You want to “pop” out of the picture and be the main focus and not just a background body. So with that said, don’t be scared of colors or patterns. Layers help tremendously with a photo session. Those boots or jewelry can add so much to a picture from making it plain and ordinary to extraordinary. Remember if you have any questions about color or an outfit, I’m only a call/Text/Picture away from helping.

When will my pictures be ready?

Approximately 3 weeks after your session (weddings are usually 4-5 weeks). I will normally post a sneak peak of a few photos from the session 3-4 days after the session on Facebook and/or my blog. When the pictures are done I will upload all of the best images to my client portal where you will be able to see them. If you are good with the pictures, then I will enable the download feature allowing you to download all the pictures from the gallery or send in a print order.

How do I get my pictures?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! How do I get them now? I am certain you will love your pictures and so I make it easy for you to get them into your hands. After the reviewing of the pictures in the client portal, I turn on the download feature and you are able to click the picture collection and download them to your computer/phone/tablet. No having to mess with meeting up to get them or waiting for them in the mail. If you still would like something tangible, I can provide a custom USB thumb drive with all the pictures on them for either pickup or mail delivery (**Extra fee does apply for the USB drive)

Where can I print my pictures?

You are given full copyrights to print your images at any photo lab of your choice. I recommend using higher end labs verses your quick print machines you find at some stores. A lot of detail goes into creating that image for you as to the color balance, focus, etc. For my client’s printing needs I have partnered with a professional printing company that handles my printing. They provide the best prints with colors that match your screen and paper that will stand against the elements and time. I don’t make my money on prints, and for this reason my pricing is reasonable to what you can find at most photo labs. The biggest difference you will see is the quality of the print

Can I see the unedited pictures?

This is a common question that many photographers receive. During your session you are going to hear my camera “click” many times, you will be in many different poses, but in the end I heard more clicks than pictures received and not all the poses are there that we were in? Why?

Not all the pictures taken are for view but me getting my camera’s setting correct to take that 1-3 perfect picture poses. Remember this is why you hired a professional, to get you the best pictures for decorating your house or sending to friends and families. Having 300 pictures would be great until time for printing. Now you have to go through tons of photos to find one where everyone was smiling or your child’s eyes are open. Trust me it gets boring quickly, but that is why you paid me to make sure the picture is in focus, everyone is smiling, and the picture is print ready. Lastly your pictures are my artwork. I just didn’t point and click, you could have done that! I spend a lot of time picking the best picture and then editing the colors, you, etc. to provide that master piece for your wall. The pictures I provide are a reflection of my work/skills and I as a professional only want to provide my best work to a client. So end the end only the BEST edited images will be provided or seen.